They contacted Chrysler on how to fix it and right now it’s just sitting at the dealer waiting to get fixed. Jump started it and was able to move it home, still sounding rough. Every so often when I try to start it, it won’t start and a red lightning bolt shows up in the gauge cluster. Please enter a password for your user account. The battery had a bad cell, but if that was the fix, I'm taking the receipt back to jeep, and trying to get them to reimburse me for the fix since they didn't. Your battery was too dead to start the engine, but had enough power to run the radio (you can run the radio for a couple of hours before you use as much juice as starting the engine). I have no idea! I took some pictures from under the front, looking up to locate the leak. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to. I can add more pics later to clarify. radio, ac, and windows worked. Replacing the computer won't fix the root cause. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the battery, particularly the terminal connections? First is super low and mainly used for 4wd low by using both 1st and 2nd gear. What does a red lingthing bolt mean on 2007 jeep compuss red lighting bolts are internationally recognized sign for power and in the case of the vehicle I would suggest that it is a sign saying that the charge circuit is not working broken drive belt ,faulty regulator,alternator or battery problems. If the lights don't go out or come back on while you're driving then you have a problem. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 2008 Jeep Compass. My Jeep compass dashboard shows a red lightning bolt in the mornings. Every so often when I try to start it, it won’t start and a red lightning bolt shows up in the gauge cluster. Of course I have a yellow top Duracell battery. Even a slightly undercharged battery. Hopefully this will end the problems. Mechanic's Assistant: What is the model/year of your Jeep? The light will always come one when you crank it, its part of the self test procedures and all the lights should come on during this time. The engine won’t crank at all. There is no check engine light or anything on the dash. if it doesn't the Red lightning bolt is also the sigul of Loki, and he may have claimed your jeep as his own. The Jeep Renegade (BU) is a subcompact crossover SUV from the Jeep division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Some days it does, other days it won’t. 2005 Chrysler 300 2.7L throttle body Control warning light or "RED LIGHTNING BOLT", with no check engine codes. reboot the computer by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting ... 2014 jeep patriot 2.4 I had a red lightning bolt come on and it had no power. Average failure mileage is 52,900 miles. 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. 2012 Jeep Liberty. Be me and all look good. ... 2007 Jeep Compass won't start. electronic throttle control. Prev ... Ive had this light come in flashing and my traction control come in and stay in until i shut the jeep off and started it back up, did you experience this? Press J to jump to the feed. 2011 grand Cherokee 3.6. either way im ordering the brake sensor. Uconnect screen won’t come on but headlights and alarm work fine so it’s not a battery issue. So while driving, I turned on the AC, which was working now and immediately this Red lighting bolt starts flashing on my dashboard. Sometimes it’ll start and an hour later it won’t or vice versa. I got a flashing red lightning bolt on my Charger. Electronic Throttle Control is a sensitive area - you know the SAD (sudden acceleration syndrome thing). Are they corroded? Unfortunately, it could also mean that the ETC is damaged itself. Sometimes, reflashing the computer does alleviate problems. It was put on 4/11. Battery and alternator are new. Got it home after another jump. When it will/won’t start is completely random. Took it to my dealer and they said they don’t know how to fix it and to come pick it up because it started for them. The Renegade is the first Jeep product to be produced exclusively outside of North America and will sell in South African, European, North American, and Brazilian markets. Red lightning bolt came on and the Jeep started running rough, then died. A red lightning bolt in red parenthesis illuminated on the dash, lingered a bit longer than I was expecting, then went out. Temperature gauge did not move entire trip. Radio and windows take a LOT less juice than cranking the starter. If you can crank the engine over and it will not start, then the ETC is likely the source. Ok Car Gurus I need all of your help. Lol thanks for the info!! It shows a red lighting bolt. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Once home, it won't start, won't take a charge or a jump. In order to diagnose the lightning bolt warning light, a professional scanner is typically needed, otherwise it is all guesswork. Duralast.. Autocorrect on iPad. Audio, CB & Ham Radios, GPS, & Electrical, The following errors occurred with your submission. electronic throttle sensor light (red lightning bolt) Need HELP! Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 49 Posts. That all being said, anything from the battery to the throttle control motor can cause the fault as well. Hi, I’ve got a 2017 renegade trail hawk that has had this specific issue in the past before and it’s come up again. I think red lighting bolt is the ETC. Hi, I’ve got a 2017 renegade trail hawk that has had this specific issue in the past before and it’s come up again. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Compass yourself? True, ok, well I'm thinking of trying to limp it up to advanced auto to check the battery. Terminals were gunky, so cleaned them off and still same problem. If this does not work then try and disconnect battery and wait 10 minutes before reconnecting it. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Just won't start. You should try to remove key and lock the doors then unlock doors and see if vehicle starts. It came up with a red lightning bolt light on the dash and a check engine light as well. The 2011 Jeep Patriot has 3 problems reported for engine won't turnover, won't start. Will not start and I have a red lightning bolt on the dashboard. That's operating as designed good sir. The code is P2181. ... My Jeep Patriot just started doing the same thing. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. So after work today, my 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude wouldn’t start either. ETC & MIL - electronic throttle control & malfunction indicator light - lights are on. K, so yesterday my jeep wouldn't start. Won't shift from neutral either? Is this normal behavior or an indication of a fault? Asked by JANDLAUTO of J&L Auto Center in South Plainfield, NJ on . The coolant tank was visibly near empty. I took it in while it was under warranty and they couldn't get it to duplicate, so they did nothing. Lights and accessories work but the truck won't start. The light still illuminates before cranking, but after cranking it goes away. i have a 1998 4.0 jeep cherokee with 173k miles on it. What have you tried so far? We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. I also noticed that when i started my jeep back up later on in the night and drove it around, the engine was not warming up, or at least the gauge wasn't moving? when i start the jeep the oil light comes on and does not go off till i go over 15mph, it turns on if i drop below 15mph, if i leave the jeep in … If the car was dead....and you jumped it...and it started....its the battery. I just answered my own question. Today, the red Lightning Bolt-looking light came on, as well as my Check Engine light? It ran perfectly the day before. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Thanks. Cycled off and back while sitting there, it happened again. (ask me how I know! Just as title says - Patriot won't start. 2 year warranty yay, Bad cell in the battery. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the JeepRenegade community. Won’t start and red lightning bolt? Any ideas? LIGHTNING BOLT SYMBOL COMES UP ON. 2014 jeep patriot sometimes won't start dash light of a lightning bolt comes on and it won't turn over usually have to wait 20 min for it to start battery and cables are good with good connections. I’ve had it less than 2 weeks. Remote key fob worked this morning, but doesn't work now. While driving, the red lightning bolt light (electronic throttle control system) and a check engine light came on. 62 Answers. Got to the beach and surfed, went to leave and same thing. Got a jump off another car cause I thought the battery was dead. Yep, all it takes is a bad cell in the battery. lightning bolts come on when starting When turning key to start red lightning bolts come on when started engine - Dodge 2008 Ram 1500 2WD question. As part of the safety engineered behind ETC (as it IS an electric pulse motor with no heavy return spring) a low voltage will disable and close the throttle - that could be why the dead battery lit it up... so its not exactly like a dirty TB (which should light the light IF the dirty causes mechanical resistance in the throttle shaft. - Answered by a verified Jeep Mechanic ... Jeep Cars & Trucks. Get it scanned and work on a fix,for why the light came on. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 2006 jeep commander check engine light stays on after jeep sat for 5 days in ice storm and was not started I don't think I would be concerned about the vehicle sitting for 5 days. Anyone know if it's in warranty? Only 337 miles. Please enter a valid e-mail address for yourself. I'm stuck in the dark plz help. ... Can u tell me why my 2011 Chrysler 300 won't start. In this video I diagnose the problem and fix it.Welcome to the Dasllamas YouTube channel. Codes: P2173 P2110 C121C Why didn't the dealership know that???? It is built in Melfi, Italy alongside the related Fiat 500X, with which it shares its platform. If the lightning bolt light is red, this is typically an indication that the electronic throttle control is either damaged or has a blown electrical relay. The 9 speed auto will always start in 2nd. Could a faulty starter make the engine run rough? I immediately turned off the AC and the stereo and it wasn't until I got home that I turned the KJ On and off, and the red lightning bolt disappeared. Red lightning bolt flashing along with ABS traction control on dash while engine is idling. It cranks greak, just will not start. In order to be able to post messages on the forums, you must first register. Replaced fired right up. Sounds like everything is getting power, makes all clicks, etc. As passenger, turned key to ON (not start) to listen to radio. Red lightning bolt. The system may have detected a theft and locked you out. Battery wasnt dead. Jeep won’t start. After 20 or so attempts the battery was dead lol. Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. I don't have any CEL codes and have 102,800 miles on it. Also, the car starts in 2nd gear when you turn it on, and they don’t know how to fix that either. The infamous RED LIGHTNING BOLT, ggrrr. Lights are bright and radio works; battery jump didn't help.

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